Is Kettlebell Training Right for Me?

As a fitness trainer, have you tried the kettlebell yet? If not, its time you took a closer look at these cannonball shaped chunks of cast iron that’s becoming hot favorites the world over. Be sure to see what the requirements for becoming a kettlebell instructor are.

If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of kettlebells, you will be amazed to know that kettlebell training is one of the fastest growing fitness trends the world over. And it’s here to stay as more and more people discover its incredible impact in shaping their health for the better.

Kettlebells Training is Highly Effective

Training with kettlebells may not be the ultimate in fitness programmes but it comes pretty close! With intense focus implemented through rapid, reps; high after-burn effect and total-body impact; kettlebells training is the best for maximum fat loss across the entire body.

They are great all by themselves or you can incorporate different fundamental kettlebell movements into complex workouts to keep varying the challenge.

And kettlebell exercises involve your entire body, thereby toning your from tip to toe; something that isolation workouts never achieve. For more info visit

Kettlebells Training is Very Safe

When done correctly, training with kettlebells is one of the most effective ways of deriving all the benefits of a regular workout. All exercise modalities can become dangerous when done with poor form or technique and kettlebell training is no exception.

That is why it is vital that you learn from an expert the right way to maneouver the equipment, identify the right weight for you (and your clients) and master all the techniques through rigorous practice. Be sure to check out online CEC courses. Do not rely on DVDs or manuals as the kettlebell is difficult to move and control and the wrong technique can lead to injuries.

Kettlebells Training build Muscles without Bulking

Often clients are influenced by the misconception that training with kettlebells is nothing but another form of weight training that builds bulky muscles. This is something they don’t want; especially ladies.

The truth is that isolation weight training with dumbbells or barbells focus on a single plane with emphasis on a particular muscle or group of muscles. Unlike these, kettlebell movements are fluid and continuous in nature that cut across several planes.

The workouts compel you to use almost all the major and minor muscles in every movement so that you get a total-body workout at each session. This ensures all the muscles are developed uniformly with no ugly bulges.

Kettlebell Training is a Life-Long Passion

When you want to follow a workout routine that can be done for years, training with kettlebells is your best bet. Made of solid cast iron, kettlebells last for years; making them an ideal low-cost investment.

You can carry your kettlebells anywhere which means you don’t miss a single day of workout in the absence of a gym. In fact, with kettlebells you are assured of a life-long fitness routine that can be easily followed whether you are at home, at the office or travelling.

Kettlebell workouts require very little space and being highly effective, very little time to show the results. Kettlebells are thus ideal for regular travelers or busy people who don’t have hours to spare.

Functional Fitness Training Is A Great Low Cost Workout Alternative

When so many people are looking at keeping costs at a minimal these days, it is but a dire necessity to choose a low cost fitness option. Functional Fitness may be just the right option for you since they are relatively more economical when compared to many other fitness forms. It is but natural for you to ponder on the quality of workouts when costs are low but this is certainly not a bottleneck. For one, since Functional Fitness involves training a large group of people, costs can be considerably reduced.

Reasons for low costs

Besides the fact that Functional Fitness is a numbers game, increased competition has also paved way for reduced costs. More and more Functional Fitness programs offer enormous discounts to attract and deepen their clientele. I recently certified as a master functional fitness trainer at the European Personal Training Institute:

The success of these Functional Fitness has moved on to become a threat to personal training. They are today considered as a more economical and safer alternative to various other means of maintaining fitness. If you are working on a stringent budget and yet intend to derive all the benefits of a successful Functional Fitness, this could be the option for you.

These low cost training progams are an excellent and affordable option for low income families. The benefits of a Functional Fitness workout are obvious. They differ from other fitness alternatives in the techniques they employ.

Functional Fitness Courses do not believe in spot training or training a specific body part unlike other fitness options. They are designed to burn fat from your complete body since every single workout is carefully framed to work both your lower and upper body as well as your core.

If you are looking for a fitness course that guarantees best results in the shortest possible time for a quarter of the cost of numerous other training programs; you need to opt for Functional Fitness. Also, obstacle courses, core training, resistance training and light running are combined with a motivating and fun environment to offer a holistic workout for your whole body.

Such workouts and exercises can be done by people with different fitness goals. You may be training for a sport or trying to shed those extra pounds to fit in your wedding dress or losing weight after a baby or generally intending to maintain fitness. Irrespective of your goal, you can achieve your objective with low cost Functional Fitness workouts.


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These Reading Habits Can Help with Your Fitness Career Growth

Reading can prove both an informative and recreational exercise. So in any career it is important to build up good reading habits, habits which can help you to both increase your knowledge on the work front and help you to relax when necessary.

During your personal trainer certifications courses you will have probably have gone through a ton of information on fitness training. How to make use of the same and continue building on already acquired information, is important.

Collection building

During your fitness training and subsequent fitness assignments you will probably have collected dozens of books and articles – definitely posing a challenge on when and how to get down to reading so much material.

A good tip is to sort out the books according to the importance of topics covered. Which topics would interest and help you most? Once you have a relatively orderly pile, it will help you to absorb information without having to hop from one book to another looking for useful topics.

Marketing and Sales

You should also have done a marketing aspect of the course, afterall, every personal trainer needs to know how to market themselves online.

Fitness marketing for personal trainers does not have to be complicated, in fact, the simpler the better.

One of the most powerful ways to market yourself online is with SEO, or search engine optimization. Good personal trainer SEO can really explode your business and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

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Required information

To enable you to keep your reading material in proper order, you have to decide what fitness tips and information are important to you. Have you specialised in any particular fitness branch? If not, as a general fitness trainer what is your next step on the ladder?

If you have not thought about this step, there are good books written by knowledgeable authors which could guide you to finding your particular niche in the fitness industry.

The point to keep in mind is to read information developed by experts in the business. Over the years such experts have found the right combination of work, development and success in their respective fields. So it is important to make use of their knowledge.

Since there are many such expert-written books available, you could narrow down your choice of reading by checking out the author’s background; does his or her research cover latest fitness trends, etc.

Applicable information

You can read every possible book on fitness training, but very important is whether all the information you read is worth your while. When you pick up a particular book, look at the table of contents and ask yourself – will the topics covered help you to improve your fitness training?

If not, keep the book aside and look for other more applicable material. Remember you cannot read the tons of books available on fitness training. Between teaching, coaching, family activities etc. your time is limited. So learn how to filter the information that will help to build your career.

There is an endless pit of information available on fitness training. What you need to do is select information that you can use. Be open to new ideas and learn how to apply them. Such information has been put together by veteran coaches and trainers who have years of experience and knowledge.


It is important for you to keep abreast in all aspects of the fitness business. But do not let the plethora of information available get to you. Learn how to segregate and filter topics that will help you to upgrade your standing as a fitness trainer.

Tips to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

There will be times when you know you need to work out but you are just not willing to. You are just not feeling up to it. It is always a good idea to hire a qualified and experienced personal trainer, who would keep you motivated by introducing new techniques and exercises and eliminating boredom from your fitness regimen. Besides hiring a San Diego personal training to sustain your interest and motivation, you could follow simple tips that would motivate you on days you do not feel like exercising.

Think about Your Feeling Post an Exercise Session

Some people are easily tempted to skip workouts. That’s really not a big deal once in a while, but do not get into a habit of doing that. Whenever you do not feel like exercising remind yourself about how great you generally feel after a good session of workouts. It will motivate you to do the exercises once you are thinking of how good you had felt after exercising the last time.

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Set Easy Targets and Track the Progress

It is always best to set achievable and reasonable fitness goals so that you feel motivated once you are able to attain them. Make it a habit to keep track of improvements such as, you are able to run faster or working out more frequently, or doing more reps, all these improvements may keep you motivated even when you just do not feel like exercising. Always set a target for waist measurement or weight or miles for running in a week, or number of days for exercising. Track improvements and that should keep you suitably motivated.

Convince Yourself to Go for Few Minutes

Just keep telling yourself that you would go only for about 15 minutes and if you still do not feel like exercising, you would give up the idea. Once you are at the gym, you would not realize how an hour has passed by. Then you would feel the euphoria of having done it.

Never Give Up Simply Force Yourself

You just need to force yourself to go and exercise. Remind yourself all the time that it is very easy to lose fitness if you skip even a few exercise sessions. Once you have done it, you would force yourself to exercise and you would feel quite good about it. Do not sit back, go for a yoga session, or a brisk walk or may be biking or swimming. You would feel rejuvenated and awesome.

Let Music Charge You Up

Let music raise your spirits. Listen to some peppy energetic numbers to boost up your mood. The right kind of music does wonders to your mood. Music can motivate you to do exercises. Just dance to a fast number. You would have great fun and at the same time, you would be doing your exercise happily without feeling the burden of usual work outs.

Day Dreaming Helps

Imagine a fitter and slimmer you. Think of the things you would be able to do. Think of your favourite pair of drainpipes, that you would love to wear again. Think of the admiration and adulation you would get if you are slimmer. The visualization would help you get going. Dreaming about fitting into smaller sized clothes and looking attractive, really helps to fuel your desire to work out and lose weight.

Get Inspired by Magazines, Books, Videos, Models and Celebrities

Read fitness magazines to motivate you. You would also, feel envious and inspired by cover models who look perfect. Looking at them you often develop the urge to look good and stick to your exercise routines. Watching fitness videos and reading success stories often help to inspire you.

Look for a Cheering Squad

Look for family, friends, neighbours or co-workers who would encourage you to stick to your fitness schedules.

Seek Professional Help

Sign up for a fitness program or better still, hire a personal trainer to keep you on track and don’t forget to Follow on Twitter your PT so you can get free tips.