Tips to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

There will be times when you know you need to work out but you are just not willing to. You are just not feeling up to it. It is always a good idea to hire a qualified and experienced personal trainer, who would keep you motivated by introducing new techniques and exercises and eliminating boredom from your fitness regimen. Besides hiring a San Diego personal training to sustain your interest and motivation, you could follow simple tips that would motivate you on days you do not feel like exercising.

Think about Your Feeling Post an Exercise Session

Some people are easily tempted to skip workouts. That’s really not a big deal once in a while, but do not get into a habit of doing that. Whenever you do not feel like exercising remind yourself about how great you generally feel after a good session of workouts. It will motivate you to do the exercises once you are thinking of how good you had felt after exercising the last time.

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Set Easy Targets and Track the Progress

It is always best to set achievable and reasonable fitness goals so that you feel motivated once you are able to attain them. Make it a habit to keep track of improvements such as, you are able to run faster or working out more frequently, or doing more reps, all these improvements may keep you motivated even when you just do not feel like exercising. Always set a target for waist measurement or weight or miles for running in a week, or number of days for exercising. Track improvements and that should keep you suitably motivated.

Convince Yourself to Go for Few Minutes

Just keep telling yourself that you would go only for about 15 minutes and if you still do not feel like exercising, you would give up the idea. Once you are at the gym, you would not realize how an hour has passed by. Then you would feel the euphoria of having done it.

Never Give Up Simply Force Yourself

You just need to force yourself to go and exercise. Remind yourself all the time that it is very easy to lose fitness if you skip even a few exercise sessions. Once you have done it, you would force yourself to exercise and you would feel quite good about it. Do not sit back, go for a yoga session, or a brisk walk or may be biking or swimming. You would feel rejuvenated and awesome.

Let Music Charge You Up

Let music raise your spirits. Listen to some peppy energetic numbers to boost up your mood. The right kind of music does wonders to your mood. Music can motivate you to do exercises. Just dance to a fast number. You would have great fun and at the same time, you would be doing your exercise happily without feeling the burden of usual work outs.

Day Dreaming Helps

Imagine a fitter and slimmer you. Think of the things you would be able to do. Think of your favourite pair of drainpipes, that you would love to wear again. Think of the admiration and adulation you would get if you are slimmer. The visualization would help you get going. Dreaming about fitting into smaller sized clothes and looking attractive, really helps to fuel your desire to work out and lose weight.

Get Inspired by Magazines, Books, Videos, Models and Celebrities

Read fitness magazines to motivate you. You would also, feel envious and inspired by cover models who look perfect. Looking at them you often develop the urge to look good and stick to your exercise routines. Watching fitness videos and reading success stories often help to inspire you.

Look for a Cheering Squad

Look for family, friends, neighbours or co-workers who would encourage you to stick to your fitness schedules.

Seek Professional Help

Sign up for a fitness program or better still, hire a personal trainer to keep you on track and don’t forget to Follow on Twitter your PT so you can get free tips.

Meal Ideas When Building 6 Packs Abs

Eating right is one of the prerequisites of getting getting the elusive 6-pack. You should have a balanced meal for acquiring a deeply chiselled 6 pack abs. Have proteins for building lean muscles and burning body fat. Only have a small amount of carbohydrates and mix it up with some vegetables are recommended for adequate supply of all the required nutrients so that your body performs optimally. Also eating healthy fats will help maintaining your insulin levels.

Breakfast Ideas While Abs Training

Breakfast is most definitely a day’s most important meal. It should pack your body with nutrients and fuel it with energy. It should be protein-packed. You could simply microwave oats for breakfast so that your body gets adequate supply of minerals and vitamins.

  • You could take half a cup rolled Organic Oats in a bowl and add about two scops of Whey Protein Powder, some Goji Berries, some walnuts and almonds, one tablespoonful of Omega 3 Fatty Acid Oils & oil blends. Keep adding water and mix the ingredients well till you get your preferred consistency.
  • You can enjoy a bowl of cereals with nuts or almonds or blueberries. You can have a glass of orange juice and any fruit to begin your day on a healthy note. You may have eggs for breakfast in any way you like poached, boiled or scrambled. You may have two slices of wholemeal bread toasts with delicious jam or peanut butter along with some juice or some fruit.
  • For weekends you could have a Healthy English Breakfast. You would require baked beans, two strips of bacon, two eggs and a tomato. Heat the beans in a small pan. Trim the fat from the bacon and fry them and poach or fry the eggs. Cut the tomato into halves and put it on the frying pan to sizzle and become soft. Add some pepper and season it. Enjoy with a cup of piping hot tea.
  • You could have a Skinny English Breakfast by leaving out the bacon from the ingredients list for the usual Healthy English Breakfast Recipe.

Read more about breakfast tips on build the muscle weightlifting blog.

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Interesting Lunch Ideas

In order to gain a perfect shape lunch should be a day’s third meal that should be enjoyed after breakfast and a mid-morning snack. Lunch should ideally be a light meal with adequate proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

  • You could have scrumptious Chicken or Turkey with Rice and Vegetables. Bake chicken or turkey fillets in the oven. Boil little brown rice and take some boiled broccoli and other green vegetables, add salt and sprinkle some pepper. Have a truly delicious and hearty meal.
  • Have a delicious Tuna Pasta Salad for lunch. Simply boil some pasta then add some tinned tuna and season it with salt and pepper. Alternatively, you could have a Salmon Pasta Salad by using tinned pink salmon instead of tuna.
  • Have the super nutritious three bean salad for lunch. Take some tinned kidney beans, green beans and soy beans; add chopped celery and some sliced hard boiled eggs. Season it and enjoy!

An Amazing Dinner Idea

You can find another secret on bodybuilding videos to ripped 6 packs abs is eating a healthy but light dinner. You could enjoy some super delicious Cumin Salmon Served with Yoghurt Cucumber Sauce. Coat the salmon with a mixture of cumin, olive oil, black pepper, sugar and salt. Mix yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, parsley, scallion and salt together in a bowl. Broil the salmon and serve with yogurt sauce.


How to Prepare for Your First Boot Camp Workout?

If you have never participated in boot camps before, it is natural for you to feel scared and sceptical. After all, military style boot camps are not supposedly for the faint-hearted who cannot cope up with the strict discipline and bone-breaking schedules of such camps. However a lot your worries can be put to rest if you do some homework beforehand. Yes, a little preparation and knowledge can go a long way in making your outdoor fitness Balmain experience more enjoyable and absolutely worth it!

Identify the Right Boot Camp

There are different categories of boot camps that appeal to different sections of people. Some prefer camps that offer extremely rigorous workouts suitable for elite athletes while others prefer a gentler pace and intensity. Some camps cater specifically to pregnant ladies or new mothers while others are exclusively for the middle-aged. So before enrolling for any boot camp, always clarify if it suits your goal and current fitness level.

Motivate Yourself

Exercise is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and if you have never done it before, chances are you will be making excuses for absence later on. However, do understand that unlike gyms, boot camps do not allow you to skip whenever you feel like. Discipline and commitment are the hallmarks of boot camps so you should be prepared to attend each and every session without fail. Self-motivation is therefore extremely important while you prepare for your first boot camp Rozelle session.

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Understand your Goals and Limitations

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is to have a clear idea about your goals and limitations. People join exercise classes with a lot of expectation, most of which are based on hearsay. Do understand that each individual will his own fitness goal and his capability to achieve without harming himself in the process. To avoid disappointments later on, always discuss with the boot camp Rozelle trainer how you should set your goals, what is the best and safest approach plan for you and how early you can reach that safely and effectively.

Take Care of Attire

Apart from the mental preparation, you will also need the right attire for training at an outdoor fitness Balmain. Although boot camps have no dress code as such, you would still have to have the right attire for the sessions. The right kind of shoes or clothes can significantly reduce any risk of injury while you are exercising at a fast pace. Discuss with your trainer the most appropriate categories of shoes and attire you must buy before attending your first session. You may also need to carry your own set of towels and mats. And don’t forget that extremely important bottle of water that will keep you safe from dehydration (since boot camps are held outdoors, it is always advisable to carry enough quantity of water and liquid supplements)

Fuel up Properly

You will definitely need a high amount of energy if you want to complete your boot outdoor fitness Balmain session successfully. And for that you need to stuff yourself with high-carbohydrate food groups before heading out for your camp. Try combinations of whole-grain breads and cereals along with fruits and vegetables for just the right amount of energy.

Basic Qualifications Every Fitness Instructor Must Have

When you decide to join a gym in order to maintain your health or to achieve certain fitness objectives, it is important to assess the qualities and maybe also the qualifications of the gym staff. When one talks of gym staff, it is important to highlight the importance of assessing these aspects in your fitness instructor particularly.

Your fitness instructor is the one who is going to teach you the right exercises or give you advice on a healthy diet. Without the right qualities or qualifications, it will be difficult for you to trust him or achieve your fitness goals. There are several kinds of gym instructor courses so here’s what you should look for,


Not every fitness instructor will have a degree to his name, but a diploma from a recognized institute would work just as well. It is important to ask the gym administration or even the fitness instructor directly if he has one. Some gyms may put up their staff’s diplomas on the walls.

Diplomas in fitness, health care or physical education are what you should look for. In general, these kinds of diplomas will give you the assurance that the fitness instructor has been trained to teach you the correct exercises. Even if your instructor has attended many short term gym instructor courses, it should be good enough.

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A degree in fitness education or physical education is also a good qualification and provides the same assurance as a diploma. Degrees are usually awarded after a year or two of training and internships. However, the duration may differ from institute to institute. Even if your instructor has one to his name – either a degree or diploma in fitness, it is enough to put your faith in him. If he has recently participated in gym instructor courses from that should be a good indication too.

However, this doesn’t mean you should take the qualification by its face value. Just because an instructor may have the right education doesn’t mean he is good at what he does. Here’s what you should keep in mind when assessing a new fitness instructor after joining a new gym,

His Knowledge

Instructors who are passionate about fitness will also be knowledgeable about fitness. This will help you in the long run. You should keep asking questions when you are taught new exercises and keep asking questions related to the right foods that will help you stay healthy.

A good instructor will be able to answer your queries and give you lots of advice. When you are taught a new exercise routine, you should always understand how that particular workout or exercise is going to help you or which muscles they benefit.

His Patience

It is always better to have a patient fitness instructor as opposed to one who is impatient. A patient instructor will teach you things correctly and take the time to advise you when you are doing something wrong. Just participating in gym instructor courses, or earning qualifications won’t prove the reliability of the instructor.